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Prevent Injuries with a Floor Safety Audit in Chicago, IL

Slips and falls in your home or business can be costly in more ways than one. Injuries from falls caused by slippery floors can be debilitating and deadly, and someone could sue you for causing the accident. Water and wax aren’t the only causes for falls; some floors are naturally slippery because of their material. Determine if you have hazardous floor coverings with a floor safety audit in Chicago, IL.

 Our team at Step Advantage specializes in floor auditing services that include assessing your flooring to determine if it meets ANSI and ASTM standards. These standards improve safety in buildings and ensure the safety of products, such as flooring. If our audit finds that your floors are potentially dangerous, we will make recommendations about making them safe. 

We offer and install a nonslip floor treatment making an effective tread that improves your floor’s surface friction by 200 to 400 percent. You can use our anti-slip treatment on any hard floor, including tile in your bathroom and kitchen. Our nonslip treatment remains effective even when water or other liquids spill on your flooring. Complete the form below or call us to request a floor safety audit.

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